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FAQ – Bitmap

A bitmap (BMP) image is an electronic image file mapped on a grid (raster) of small squares called pixels. Each pixel is assigned a specific location and color. Bitmap files are commonly used for photographs. Bitmaps are best when the file is saved to the exact size it will be displayed or printed. Raster graphics are resolution dependent so they don’t do well when they are made larger. Resizing causes a “grainy” look because they lose quality when resized. This graphic is best used for photographs.

The images also become less usable when they are saved and re-saved using different “graphic” programs. Each time a graphic is “rendered” by another program, the quality can be changed.

More and more promotional products are available with 4 color process printing. It remains a little more expensive if you can use a one color imprint but is more competitive than paying for individual spot colors. Some setup charges are high but there are also suppliers who don’t have any setup charges. Four color process effects can be accomplished with spot colors and is used if color matching is required.

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