What are Promotional Products and why do I need them?

Promotional products were commonly known at one time as advertising specialties. They range from the expensive to the most inexpensive, mundane but really useful of things. This includes items like T-shirts, pens, desk calendars, coasters, flasks, coffee mugs, golf balls, electronic accessories and trinkets to name a few of the most popular among them.

The object must be useful enough to catch the fancy of the people to whom it is given. Sometimes unique is the key to keeping the clients hands and eyes on it. It is imperative that you either engrave, embroidery or imprint your company name on it so that every time it is used by a client or customer, his/her thoughts will dwell for a moment on your company.

Imprinted gift boxes containing candy for food gift marketingYour promotional products rep may not be the first on your mind for things like food gifts, business cards and general printing but it’s time to reconsider. Ask. If we can’t get it, we probably know someone who can!

The third quarter is typically considered holiday gift giving season but there are year round uses. Food gifts remain popular and are easy to select. We also do individual mailing with your business card if you don’t have staff to do it or just don’t care to. We make it as easy as possible to provide quality, fresh food products. Our food doesn’t come from China and each order is packed when it is ordered. Order now and ship later in the year.

Executive and employee appreciation gifts like watches, desk sets, leather products and other high-end gifts are available as promotional items.

Don’t forget kitchen gadgets. Bag clips, utensils, measuring cups, pizza cutters and jar grippers are a small sample. There are many other household type items as well. If you’re in the kitchen, you’re in the heart of the home so give items people will want to use. Kitchen items make great fund raisers!

A few are shown below.

Pot holders from Wov-In Line.

Jar Grippers with your advertising message imprinted on them.Imprinted kitchen spatula by Mi-Line.


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