More Wearables Vocabulary

Current Sleeve Styles

There are several sleeve styles so you’ll want to know what they are when looking at shirts.

  • Dolman is a woman’s garment with large sleeves cut in one piece with the body of the garment.
  • Raglan is a style of sleeve which extends to the collar of a garment instead of ending at the shoulder. It is attached with diagonal seams, running from under the arm to the neck.
  • Ringer is a t-shirt with a solid body, has a ribbed crew neck and sleeve bands in a contrasting color.
  • A set in sleeve is a style of sleeve sewn into the shoulder seam. The seam is straight up and down from the shoulder seam to the underarm as opposed to the raglan sleeve which is diagonal from the neck.


Caps come in many styles and are commonly called ball caps. When it’s called a ball cap, you probably know what you’re thinking but it can also be a golf or trucker cap. Caps with a mesh back are most often called trucker caps but many ball caps have mesh backs as well. Golf caps are normally not mesh back.

Cap Profiles

Ever wonder why some caps are taller or stiffer? Read on for more information about cap profiles.

  • Low-profile is a cap with a crown height of about 3″ These can be either structured or unstructured.
  • Mid-profile is a cap with a crown height between that of a high-profile and a low profile. It is most often structured.
  • High-profile is a cap with a crown height of about 4′ or more. These caps are usually structured.

Structured vs. Unstructured

  • Structured: The front of the hat right above the bill is often the front two panels and will have a hard, firm feel to them which causes the hat to hold the shape and structure even while not being worn.
  • Unstructured: A cap that does no have a hard internal structure, resulting in a casual, relaxed look.

Dyes and Colors

  • Reactive Dye: Fabric dye that forms chemical bonds with the fabric, promoting colorfastness, allowing the fabric to withstand sunlight and laundering without fading or running during the normal life of the garment.
  • Overdyed: A process in which dyed fabrics or garments are put through an additional dye color to create unique colors.
  • Cross-dyed: Two colors of fabric knitted into one fabric.

According to supplier Wear Magic, 95% of Americans wear t-shirts with 89% wearing one at least once a week. In the 1938 edition of the Sears catalog, the t-shirt was selling for 24 cents.

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