Real Estate Novelties

Real Estate Agent door lock box cover.
Full color lock box cover is great for realtors, banks, or construction companies

Door Lock Covers

The real estate market is booming in North Texas so granted this won’t hang on the same door for long but while it’s there, visitors will see your information every time the lock box is opened. Construction contractors also use lock boxes for access to homes while work is being done.

This unique design keeps the door from scratching or getting dirty while advertising your real estate company on the front. No more ugly lock boxes hanging from the house you are trying to sell. USA Made Union Made.

Fake Rock Key Holders

If the drought continues, North Texas will probably have more rocks in the flower beds so this one will blend in to the landscape. It will make a great thank you gift offered when you give a market analysis or meet with a potential client. They’ll certainly remember you!

Fake rock for hiding keys
Fake rock for hiding keys. Easy hiding place for a key and a great thank you gift, before or after the listing.

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