Know your t-shirts

T-Shirt Basics

The t-shirt was so named because of its basic shape, like the letter T. The t-shirt emerged in 1913 as part of the U.S. Naval uniform.Combed Cotton t-shirt The traditional t-shirt is a full cut shirt and is usually unisex or men’s style.

Tailored Fit

A more fashionable retail look which can be unisex, men or women’s style. These styles are more fitted to the body.

Slim Fit

The slim fit style is very fitted to the body for a slimmer person, usually a ladies or junior style.

6.1 oz. or 4.5 oz?

So, you’re looking at a 6.1 oz. 100 % cotton shirt. A 6.1 oz. tee doesn’t weigh 6.1 oz. One square yard of the fabric used for the t-shirt weighs 6.1 oz.

Combed Cotton

Combed cotton is processed through a special combing machine to remove impurities and shorter fibers while aligning the remaining fibers. This creates the softest and most durable cotton on the market.

Carded Cotton

Cotton which has gone through a process of removing impurities to prep the fibers for spinning into thread or yarn. This process is typically used for value-priced shirts.

Ring Spun

A method of spinning together longer fibers in uniform strands to create a stronger yarn with a soft hand, a more expensive process than Open Ended

Open Ended

A method of spinning shorter cotton fibers in a high speed rotor creating a fabric that is not as soft or strong as Ring Spun.

If price is your only requirement, there are many shirts on the market but don’t be surprised if they don’t hold up well over the long haul with washing, drying, etc. Sometimes size determines your choices. If you need S-2X, most t-shirts are available in these sizes. Some of the fitted styles only fit up to XL. If you need 3XL or larger, your fabric and color choices are more limited.

Another side note…100% cotton shirts are not 100% cotton in all colors. Ash, heathers and neon colors will typically be a blend of cotton and polyester. Most ash and heathers are 90% cotton /10% polyester.

If you have concerns or questions, it’s always best to see a sample of the actual manufacturer, color and size to be sure. Color lots may be different as well so reorders may be a slightly different shade.

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