Promotional Products – Incentives vs Recognition

Promotional products are any item which can be imprinted, embroidered or otherwise decorated with your company logo or message. Promotional products also include awards and award programs even though many distributors choose not to utilize this market. Printed material also falls in this group (in my opinion) even though most people don’t think of their promo person for them.


Incentives are promotional products but it’s an area to which a lot of distributors haven’t chosen to go. There are many reasons but mostly because they don’t understand the incentives market and purpose. Incentives are normally short-term; 3 -4 months (no longer than 6). Incentives are designed to get people to do something to earn a prize. Incentives are usually name brand merchandise which don’t have your company logo on them. Some name brand products are available with your company logo or personalization. Incentive programs are usually based on points and gifts are chosen from a print or online catalog. There should also be evaluation levels to ensure the goal is met. There are several programs to assist with the evaluation process.


Recognition is normally an award for completing an action. They are often for years of service, retirement, sales, safety or other such completions. Many high-end recognition items are available in small quantities (some as few as 1) with the company logo. The size of your organization will also effect your recognition program. Clocks and crystal awards are available in small quantities.

Why Not Cash?


Incentive or Recognition

No perceived value beyond the amount. Items have a high perceived value
No retention High Retention
Cash is taxable Most modest awards are not taxable
Statistics show results are lower for cash incentives

The non-cash groups make more sales; 40% more in the case of a major corporation whose findings were released.

We also consider forms, business cards, stationery, door hangers, sale sheets, general imprinted office supplies and much, much more to be promotional products. We have links to general office supply products at reasonable prices as well…If you need more information please call or use the contact form.

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