Ideal Large Self Inking Stamp

Do you need a self-inking stamp?

We’ve come a long way since the need to have a messy stamp pad on the desk.  I still have a few old wooden stamps and there remains a market for them if you need “bigger” than you can get on pre-inked or self-inking stamps.  If you need a wooden stamp give us a call and we’ll get it but for now we’re going to discuss other options.

There are many sizes for a variety of tasks.  Most of the stamps we sell are for business use but individuals need them too.

Trodat 4911 Clothing MarkerThe newest stamp is the clothing marker stamp.  It is easy to use, non-toxic and has washable ink which is permanent up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s great for identifying your kids gym clothing.

We offer notary stamps too!  The online form is limited to Texas notaries, but we can do them for all states, just give us a call for instructions.

We’ve selected a few popular styles to showcase and allow direct ordering from our website. Each order receives personal attention before being sent to the factory.

  • Self-Inking Stamps in a variety of sizes
  • Signature Stamps
  • Small Travel Stamps
  • Large Travel Stamps
  • Clothing Marker Stamps

So many choices! We’re ready to help so start by ordering today.

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