Say Thank You with an engraved rubber stamp in a wooden box

Welcome to your new home!

WB-1_118 The home market in Central Texas is hopping.  Are you looking for a way to say thank you to your customer when they move into their new home?

You can put your information on the top of the wooden box (or not, it can be blank) and put your client’s name and address on the rubber stamp.  Put your business card into inside of the box top so they always have it there. The price is right for a customized client gift.

Click on the picture or here to order individual products. If you choose to engrave the box, there are two tabs on the layout.  One is for the stamp and the other is for the box top. These are ordered directly from the supplier through their automated system.

If you would like this to be a program with your logo on the box, we can set it up and you simply tell us the name and address for the rubber stamp on reorders.  We handle these repeat orders outside of any automated order system. Call us at (469) 626-8436 or submit at contact form.

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