Promotional Products for Safety Programs

Safety Programs

When do you think about safety? After an accident? After a visit from OSHA? Construction, manufacturing and transportation companies know the importance of safety and spend a lot money on safety gear. Safety is a state of mind. Every individual on the job is responsible for safety and keeping that in the forefront of the mind can be accomplished using promotional products.

Click on the picture for a broad selection of items which will convey your safety message. Decals, first aid kits, hard hats, safety vests and more.

Safety Appreciation and Incentives

Incentive programs are great for providing a boost to your safety program. Cash is always a great incentive but once cash is spent, nothing remains to create a memory of earning the cash. When an item is received, each time it is used, a memory is triggered to remind them of why and how they received the item. The psychological impact can be more long term. Incentive programs can be point or dollar based and cover a wide variety of items. If you would like to discuss your safety program needs, please call us or complete our contact form.

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  3. While incentive programs are a good idea, one should be careful if the stakes are so high that OSHA feels it could to underreporting. It’s best ot keep the incentives within reason, for a short period of time/ performance, and among smaller groups, rather than company-wide.

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