I Just Bought All of These Cool Promo Items, Now What?

When business slows up, everyone tightens their belt and many businesses cut back on advertising.? You must pay attention to where your advertising dollars are spent but cutting out advertising isn’t the answer. Promotional items are a great way to advertise.? The right promo item will be kept and used by your customer for years.? Many kitchen items are used and seen over and over, many times by someone other than the original client.? Sometimes the client will gives theirs to a friend and come back to you for another.

Who is your customer?

You put a lot of time and money into selecting products so now you have to get them into the hands of your customer.? If you have a store front, you can give them to customers as they visit your store.? What about the clients you haven’t see in a while?? Are they still in the area?? Are they shopping your competition?? Did they move?? Can you answer these questions?? Start thinking about how to get this information.

It’s not doing any good just sitting there, getting older not necessarily better!

How will you get the products to your client?? The promo products aren’t going to do any good sitting in your storage closet.? Does your product have a limited shelf life?? Most pens and bottled water have a shelf life of 2 years but buttermints are only fresh for 6 months if you want them to melt in your mouth.

If you have collected email addresses, send them emails offering the promo product as a thank you for coming in.? If you have mailing addresses for your customers, there are several items which are mailable in a #10 envelope.?? This is even more important now that the post office has changed the cost to mail some items if they don’t lay flat in a #10 envelope.
Eco-Friendly Printing

Sponsoring a Community Event?

In the summer, paper hand fans make great giveaways.? You can bet they’ll hold on to them.? If you’re going to give bags, make sure yours is the one carrying all of the other giveaways because only the bag on the outside will be seen by other attendees.? Don’t forget to put your ad on one side and support your favorite group on the other.

Sell Promo Items?

If you have a retail business, you may be able to sell promo items with your marketing message instead of giving them away.? Maybe a mix of the two?? You see promo items being sold in every tourist town you visit.

Call or email your promotional product consultant to help you answer your questions and guide you through the jungle that is this business.? Don’t have a promo consultant?? Oh, you can call us….that’s what we do and we’d be glad to discuss your needs.? Complete our contact form or sign up to receive specials from us via email in the upper right side of this post.

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