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Food Gifts With Your Logo – It’s Not Too Late!

Did you know that food gifts are the #1 Holiday Business Gift? There are many reasons but here are a few…..RPD141-Silver-Premium Delights-Pistachios

  1. Food gifts can be shared.
  2. Ours are always fresh and packed to order.
  3. No Set-Up or Die Charge
  4. Individual Drop Shipping Available
  5. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If you’re thinking about running to your local warehouse or department store for gifts, STOP! Those products have been packed for months, waiting in a warehouse for shipping to stores, then sitting in a store waiting to be put on the shelf. How fresh are those products?

Maple Ridge Farms products are packed fresh before shipping.

You have more than nuts and candy from which to choose. There are also meat and cheese products…..

There are items for every budget. Small quantities are available on many products. Looking for a high end crystal dish? We’ve got one! Your brand will look great on one of our many wooden items. Wooden items are available in boxes, cutting boards, candy dispensers and even desktop items.

imprinted exceutive jelly bean dispenser for business gift giving.Desktop items like notepad holders and candy dispensers make great gifts for special people and towers contain a selection of food items which can be shared by everyone in the office. Each time the client sees the gift, they will be reminded of you and your contribution to their success. They’ll also remember that you sent the best!

It’s Not Too Late!

Most food gift orders are placed in December so it’s not too late! We can ship individual gifts to clients for an additional fee but it will save you from taking staff away from other duties to get it done! If you have questions, complete the contact form below and someone will get back to you shortly. Some projects are better discussed over the telephone so please include your phone number in the message text in the event we need to call you. We do not use telemarketing and your phone number will not be shared. Our apologies in advance….we don’t ship internationally at this time.

Remember, a person will process your order. It will be verified with you before it is placed to be sure it is as you expect. Some charges are estimated when being ordered through our online system. Those estimates may be high so if you are concerned, please complete form at the end of this post.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which signals the official beginning of the Christmas season! Many other traditions are also celebrated at this time of year so whatever your tradition, food gifts are a great selection!

One last item….if your business relates to transportation of goods, maybe this is the year to begin an annual tradition of giving a wooden truck to your clients. Click on the picture to view the 2011 Truck Collection.

Wooden 18 wheeler with imprint for business food gifts.

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