Don’t count traditional calendars out of the game!

It’s time to order your 2012 Promotional Calendars.

I have a calendar on my phone, on my computer and yes on my wall. I still go to the wall calendar if I’m in the office. It’s a habit. A habit I’m not likely to break anytime soon. Conversations with clients reveal that they too have this habit.

I find that people either have received several calendars or no calendars. Odd how that happens. It’s a good idea to get your calendars out to clients in November or December to be sure yours is the first one they receive. Great exposure for your brand.

To customers, a calendar isn’t advertising, it’s a thoughtful gift. When a customer displays your calendar it’s a personal recommendation of your business to everyone seeing it. Create a custom calendar with your pictures. Demonstrate products, reinforce your dedication to customer service, quality and dependability by showing the faces of your organization, create a remembrance for a trip or other activity. The possibilities are endless….Custom Calendars by Norwood is our recommendation.

IHFBI-EXIWZHotline Calendars are a favorite for our clients. They have a great selection of scenic and religious colors. They also offer an inexpensive full color imprint.

Contractor Calendars are still very popular in many industries. Depending on the style they contain a lot of useful information.

If you don’t have a calendar source, give us a call or complete our contact form and we’ll call you.

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