Press-N-Stick Calendar

NLMGB-HKPCQCalendars advertise your business 365 days a year. This mini calendar is great because you can stick it to stuff. A clients’ husband always wants a sample to stick inside the lid of his lunch box. The box is always in his truck and inside the lid, it’s accessible when needed. He has an iPhone but this paper calendar, stuck on the top of the box is the one he uses every day.

There aren’t many items which give you year round exposure like a calendar. I’m finding that fewer customers are receiving calendars in the normal course of business so there certainly is a need. Are you ready to fill it?

If you’d like a sample (while supplies last) complete our contact form and put calendar sample in the subject line. Be sure to give us a mailing address and telephone number for use only if we have questions.

Looking for a larger or different style calendar? We have them!

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