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It’s not your daddy’s litter bag

Hang around bag by Bag Makers.Traditional plastic litter bag.Litter bags are great promotional items. Customers put them in their cars and will see them every day. A good litter bag won’t be thrown away until it is completely useless.

The problem with traditional plastic litter bags (shown to the left) is that today’s cars don’t have window roller knobs or radio knobs to hold the bag like in the days of your daddy’s car.

The Hang Around Bag by Bag Makers (shown on the right) solves the knob problem. This bag is made of 100 GSM premium non-woven polypropylene tote with fused seams, side and bottom gussets, and snap-closure handle.

These versatile bags will also hang on lawn chair handles, walkers, wheelchairs and just about anything else that comes to mind.

Your message can be a one color imprint or full color using Bag Makers ColorVista. ColorVista is great for maps, full color photos and anything else needing full color visual presentation.

The Hang Around Bag litter bag replacement by Bag Makers


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