Family Reunion Tshirts

It’s that time of year again! Vacation, fun, family reunions and other outdoor activities.

T-Shirts from RKC Promo

We can imprint your t-shirts and setup your artwork if you don’t already have it ready to print. This picture shows an example of shirts we did for a reunion. We did them for 4 years and will do them again if they decide to continue the reunion. There are several available brands but the determining factor will often be the available shirt colors. Not all of the shirts come in every color. Different supplier, different colors! White will almost always be the least expensive choice. Using a one color imprint keeps everything simple and inexpensive but there are several imprinting choices available including 4 color process and clear imprint for a color on color look.

These shirts are a 50/50 blend but you can get 100% cotton shirts too. You can see current information on 100% cotton shirts by clicking on the link. Pricing changes frequently so if you’re looking at this product more than 30 days after this post, you should probably check with us for pricing.

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