Awards, awards, awards

Delphi Award by Visions Are you looking for the perfect award? True, the perfect award is subjective. Each person may have a different opinion and it often comes down to price.
We offer a wide selection of awards and there is one for every budget.
The Delphi award shown above (flowers not included) was for an artist and community art appreciation group. It appears to be an artist pallet and was a great success. You can order 1 piece or more. Click on the picture to see similar products and pricing.
Cost effective acrylic awards by ArtplakNow I’ll jump to less expensive items which can be used as awards. These are acrylic and are classified as paperweights but will stand alone, can be attached to a stand and can be cut in custom shapes. There are several stock shapes from which to choose but we’ve created custom cuts for several special programs. They are also available with a color fill option to give a completely different look. You’ll need to order a minimum of 10 pieces per shape + setup. Personalization is also available. We will also hold your order in inventory then personalize and ship as needed. This is great for awards which recur but are given to several different individuals or groups. Upgrade to jade or blue acrylic.

Contact your promotional product distributor for more information. If you don’t have one, we’ll be happy to assist.

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