Spring Brings Thoughts of Many Things…

Spring is just around the corner. It’s hard to tell with all of the snowstorms which have caused all kinds of problems for people in the South and on the East Coast. Records are being set everyday. Today the news people were talking about the “thunder” snow storms. Must be a slow news day.

In Texas it’s always a “sports” season.

We are getting ready for Super Bowl 45 which will be here this year. Before you know it, baseball will be starting, basketball is in full swing and before we realize what happened, we’ll be complaining about the 100 degree weather.

As a full service promotional products distributor, we can supply the full size balls, mini balls, awards and pep rally stuff galore! If you’re looking for signs, foam hands, pom poms and even cow bells! Yes, I regularly get calls for cowbells.

Don’t forget the stadium cups and megaphones!

If you’re thinking you have to buy a warehouse full of stuff to get them imprinted, you’re wrong. Sure, the more you buy the less you pay per item but many products are available in smaller quantities. If your group is planning an event and would like to giveaways to promote the group, we can help.

Sponsor a Team

Sponsor a team and put the team name and your business message on the item. Some teams just need stuff so you can have your company or organization logo and ad slogan printed on the items, then donate them to the team. Even if it doesn’t qualify as a charitable contribution, it may qualify as an advertising expense. You get advertising exposure while building good will in your community.

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